Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Late 4th of July

so i was sort of busy yesterday. sort of busy and lazy. lol

30 Day Challenge Photo
Day 4: Something green

so my plan for this picture didn't really work out. i had planned to take pictures of fireworks that would tie in with the holiday, but all the ones i took didn't turn out all that well. so i resorted to this which was taken earlier in the morning when my brother and i went fishing.

here's some other photos from that trip:

my boots (:

my first semi-successful long exposure of water that i hadn't planned on taking. no tripod and no filter. hopefully i'll take a better one in the future.

Day 5: from a high angle
so this picture for my 30 day challenge was actually taken on the way back from my trip to florida this summer. i wanted to use it because i don't think i could get any higher angle and i really didn't have time today to take one. so there you go.

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