Sunday, July 10, 2011

so this weekend has been pretty awesome. went and saw RED yesterday for the second time this summer and it was pretty awesome! everytime i see them i think i love them more and more (:

here's my pictures for my 30 day challenge for the past 4 days...

day 6: from a low angle

i really had no good idea for this shot. this was the best i could come up with.

day 7: fruit

raspberries (:

day 8: a bad habit

i have a bad habit of leaving my phone in random places. especially at work which is a bad thing considering the people i work with. lol. anways....i really don't like this picture, but i couldn't think of any other interesting bad habit that i have.

day 9: someone you love

Mike- Lead Singer for RED

so i know it's probably sort of expected to choose a family member for this photo, but i really wanted to use one of the pictures i took yesterday at the concert. i really do have a genuine love for these guys. they are awesome people and amazing artists who love Christ and are not afraid to share it. they will always be my favorite band and i will always be one of their crazy fans until the end.

here's a couple more shots from yesterday:

austin (:


Anthony (who actually yelled at me during a part in their set)



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