Thursday, November 14, 2013

Just an Update

Hello world. So nothing special about this post, just a little update. I'm packed and ready to fly to NC tomorrow and I'm super excited. I'm planning on taking lots of pictures so when I come back I'll definitely be posting those. I don't have any DIY's for this week. I was mainly focused on work all week and getting ready for this trip. It did snow a good bit on Tuesday which I was not ready for AT ALL...
and also my brother shot a bear! Which for no one that knows, is a pretty big thing for a hunter. Bears are very hard to hunt and there are a lot of rules to it. So that was a very exciting thing for our family, and for me because I got to see it up close which was really cool...

and I made a flyer for a Christmas Special for my photography business, which was really fun to do.
For more info about this go to Shaffer Photography.
So that's it for today. Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!
-Jaimee (:

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