Thursday, November 7, 2013

Little Photo Books

So this week has been a little boring. Just a normal week of work. I am excited for next week though because I get to go to North Carolina to see my boyfriend, Joey, and his family for our second anniversary! Yay! Last year for our anniversary we went to the Carolina Renaissance Festival which is really awesome, and we are planning on doing the same thing this year which I'm really excited about.

I have a really hard time buying gifts for Joey. I don't know what it is, but all the men in my life are extremely hard to buy for except for my nephew who likes pretty much anything you would get for him. I've learned that buying clothes is a bad idea because no matter what it is they won't wear it. I've bought multiple shirts for my dad, my brother, and my boyfriend and have yet to see any of them wear them. Haha. So when it comes to getting stuff for my boyfriend I usually try to make something because I know that he will like it a lot more and will want to keep it. Last year for our anniversary I made him a little photo book with all of the pictures we had taken together that year. For me pictures are important because we are in a long distance relationship and when I'm away from him, pictures are really the only way I can see him. Fortunately last year I took pictures of the little photo book that I made him last year. I used a tutorial from another blog on this project also. It's from  PaperVine. It's very simple and only uses one sheet of paper! I also included cute little sayings in with the pictures for something extra.

So this year I decided I wanted to do the same thing, make something with all of the pictures we've taken together this past year. I decided on this little DIY from Little Bird Crafts featured on A Beautiful Mess. It's super simple. I didn't take pictures of the process so if you would like to know how to do it just click the link above...

That's all for today! Have a great weekend (:

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